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An example of a WWII Dried Milk Tin dated 1945.

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  • My brother was born in 1947 and I used to go to the local clinic to get his two tins of this milk powder , plus one bottle of cod liver oil and one bottle of orange juice. The lids of the tins where quite sharp if I remember .
    .......... Peter Wilkinson, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, 1st of February 2017

  • I used to have a lot of tin-plate toys in the Fifties. One of them, a lorry, was broken inside so I took it apart. On the inside of the metal chassis was printing from a milk tin just like this! Talk about recycling - I assume it had never actually been made into a tin, but perhaps a lot of metal had been printed up and not used (perhaps there was a mistake?). Most cheap toys came from Hong Kong at that time.
    .......... Colin Carroll, Langford, Beds, 13th of November 2012

  • It was made in the 1880s not 1940s. It was made by Timothy Jacobs but his idea was taken by someone else. I was living in ww2 and my father told me that. My father was Timothy's friend and he showed him the invention to the office. Tims rival saw the dried milk tin and stole the idea. Thats what my father told me. Bless him.
    .......... Howard Abrahams, Hackney,London,England,UK, 28th of September 2011

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