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Kenwood’s first main successful product was the Kenwood Electric Chef food processor. This soon became a must-have kitchen item and housewives all over the country wanted one.

The Kenwood Manufacturing Company Ltd. was taken over by Thorn EMI in 1968 after the 'Chef' had made Kenneth Wood a multi-millionaire.

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  • On a 2-year stay in South Australia long ago, my parents brought out the 1962 version, and recently we came back to live here permanently - bringing it with us of course! While we were still in England, we were able to find a company to service it and it still works perfectly.
    .......... Terry, Aberfoyle Park, Adelaide, South Australia, 1st of September 2013

  • What a machine. I still use the one I was given in l974 with its mincer, liquidiser and K and balloon whisks. I just love it. My 17 year old son hopes it will become his. (He also says mum's wartime cheese grater "the Wonder Shredder" is the best)
    .......... Liz Hagerty, London, 1st of September 2011

  • I have the same model and it is still going strong !!! I use to watch my grandma use it and now I have it !! . I have every model right up to the most modern one . there such a memory for me !!!
    .......... nigel, rochdale uk, 7th of July 2011

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