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Thorens is a Swiss manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. They are historically renowned for the range of phonographs (turntables) they produce. In addition to audio playback equipment, they are also a historical producer of harmonicas and cigarette lighters, most notably the button activated automatic lighter.

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  • I was given a Thorens No 17 potable record player in the early 1960s by a couple I babysat for in Dobbs Ferry, New York. I have no idea where they got it nor its background, but they insisted on passing it on to me. I still have it and once in a while as a novelty play records inherited from my parents. However, I was unaware of any real historical significance until searching the Web - and am delighted to have found the Museum's site. Mine is missing its leather cover, its metal casing is scratched, but still plays wonderfully clear and steady. There is a small oval metal plague on the bottom of the cover: "Patented - Swiss Made", which leads to believe it's a much earlier model than those made between 1935 - 1947. Perhaps the 1910s? I would love to receive more information.
    .......... June McInerney, Phoenixville, PA, 1st of July 2010

  • Our gramophone has given us a lot of fun in our youth we have taken it on the Norfolk Broads and played Trad Jazz, Frank Sinatra much to the delight of other boat owners.
    Ours has got a tan colour cover,it has been handed down to us and we were told it was used in the 1914 war,the condition is first class but we have only one needle left!!!!

    .......... John & Sue Baynes, Seaford Sussex BN252sb, 3rd of October 2009

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