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This object has many switches and dials and purports to apply different electrical stimuli to the body to cure a myriad of different diseases; when the curator opened the box there was nothing inside!
This Machine was developed by George De La Warr 1904-1969.
Like Homoeopathy, Radionics is a 'Lay' movement similar to 'Dowsing'.

Bruce Hammond Collection

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  • A very simple way to spot quackery and nonsense claims.

    Think to yourself - "can a big company make a fortune with it" - i.e instead of setting up an entire healthcare system - could a company distribute these and then hire minimum wage workers to heal hundreds of people at once instead? That'd save a FORTUNE!

    What? Companies aren't doing that? That's probably because it doesn't work...

    To argue that nonsense claims like these work is to argue that modern companies aren't that ruthlessly profit-orientated.
    .......... Callum Robertson, Glasgow, Scotland, 20th of April 2016

  • I would like to see the actual circuitry of this device in a photo on this website. I do NOT believe this has just BARE components mounted in a box; circuits DO exist for radionics machines. They just do not need a power supply (similar to a crystal radio). If that is what you mean by finding "no circuit inside." Do I detect a little sci-medical prejudice?
    They work using "subtle energy," the same found in faith healers, Buddhist monks, Indian gurus, religious contemplatives, remote viewers, hypnotists, shamans, witch doctors, etc. All PROVEN to be active in the same part of their brain via MRI scanning technology.
    These share a similar base, are not fakery, but require the patient, operator (and machine - if used) to be in "synch" to propagate subtle energy waves. All things have a natural frequency and an energy field which emanates outwardly - that is open to reception.
    (How do living creatures, existing separately, suddenly "decide" to congregate and migrate in a large herd, swarm, school, flock?)
    Like Nicola Tesla found with Radiant Energy, this energy does not follow the inverse square laws of outer shell Electrons, as in our electric industry, but are part of the subatomic structure of the atom, energy waves which do NOT diminish over distance.
    The weakest signal can be transmitted by the brain and received by the brains of others, including animals. This amounts to remote healing, clairvoyance, remote viewing, or other forms of "instant knowledge" imparted "telepathically" for want of a common description, given universal knowledge from the Creator is open to downloading, in various ways, to heal, to inform, to bless, etc.
    Not to be dismissed as medical quackery - which is outright, criminal, purposeful fraud. Chemotherapy and radiation might fit the description better than faith healing and radionics, sad to say.
    This is Natural Healing, probably known since cave man and the druids in your nation.
    The comments show ignorance of this scientifically valid form of healing and communication, though hidden, unpopular and despised by the money-medicine industry. Do some research before dismissing what is not obvious at first view. (Are the pyramids just piles of rock?) It is suppressed by all systems of money, so will not be found in the common media and science.
    Ever had a family member across the globe, in dire trouble, and felt a sudden, unspoken, deep concern and empathy for them? (But not given to the whole family.) That was subtle energy transmitted from them to you - if you are a clean-living, open individual. One reason why the newly married and religious get these more often than laymen.
    Long story.
    Eds, Comment The box is most definitely empty?.
    .......... paul sutlovich, Boulder/USA, 25th of March 2015

  • I met a couple from Burley a few years ago that claimed to heal all types of illness using one of these Radionics boxes.
    Not only did the box carry lots of knobs and dials and have no wiring, but the couple charged their customers several hundred pounds for treatment.
    It didn't end there !!
    Most of their business was carried on remotely. Customers didn't even have to visit the "surgery".. they could merely send a cheque, settle back and receive treatment remotely..
    .......... Allan Isaacs, www.radiomuseum.co.uk, 11th of January 2011

  • This is a Radionics box by De la Warr.
    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_de_la_Warr and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radionics
    A similar one can be found here http://www.duncanlaurie.com/blogs/spark-festival-2008.
    The boxes typically had no wiring, purportedly working at an ethereal rather than electrical level, though it seems some more recent boxes contain either simple or complex wiring or mechanics to convince potential users. The ultimate quack box.
    .......... David Owen, Plymouth, Devon., 20th of September 2010

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