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No. 2 Mk II Counter-Poise for the Wireless Set No. 19 antenna, and similar. The Counter-Poise has four wire segments which are laid like a cross underneath the radiating antenna. The four wires terminate to a central location at the radios earth terminal to provide an artificial ground plane. Each wire segment is 340 Cm Long.

Donated by Mr T Angove

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  • Just to correct the comment by John Sallis (whose shop in Brighton I used to buy from in the early 1970s!)

    I am sure John is right that this ground plane assembly was used with the R109 - but the transmitter that went with it was not the No.17 (which is a VHF transceiver used by anti-aircraft batteries during WWII) - but rather the Wireless Set No.76. The significance of the WS76 is that it was used (with the R109) during the famous Battle of Arnhem. It was probably the only radio used at this battle, which actually worked as intended.....
    .......... Richard Hankins, Ross-on-Wye, 8th of June 2011

  • This ground plain assay had nothing to do with the WS19, this assay was part of the Reception set R109 which was a man pack receiver 1.8 to 8.00 Mcs 6 volt valve line up ARP12 RF and 1st and 2nd IF AR8 Det and Audio
    This asy was all part of the R109 kit which inc 2 pair DLR5 headphones, 2 carriers, earth rod,small operators light with 2 pin plug power lead,operators book and about 3 lbs of silica gell
    The other half was W Sender no 17
    John Sallis
    Ex govt surplus deler rtd
    in 1965 i purchased 140 of these complete kits from the mod brand new and boxed
    .......... John Sallis, Okehampton Devon, 5th of June 2011

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