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On back of the box reads:- Instructions for fixing. Remove Aerial and Earth wire from set. Connect the red core of the twin lead to Aerial socket on set and black core of twin lead to Earth socket of set, (if there is no earth lead disregard this lead). Connect long single lead to Earth. If you have already an Earth fixed you can join this to the existing Earth, otherwise it will be necessary to add an extra length of Earth wire to Earth tube in the ground or to a water pipe. The performance of ''Jiffy'' Aerial (Trade Mark) is dependent on an efficient earth. Main object of this Aerial is it's amazing convenience. Museum comment. Unless you live within sight of the Broadcast Transmitter or extremely close this device would not be of much use, what is inside is a mystery, on test the only reading found was a capacitance of 0.001uF between input and output.

Bruce Hammond Collection

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  • Having just purchased one of these from e-bay it had to be taken apart to renew the wires from both ends so I put it in the hot oven and melted the pitch that seals the innards.I remember these from the late 40's early 50's and my memory was confirmed when it was pulled apart.All that it contains is a condenser,[sorry-capacitor of an unknown value,[no print on it],which measured close to .1uf. with 2 wires joined to one end and 1 wire at the other.It's a bit like the magic pill that was on sale during the 1950's that gave an "extra"25% more MPG.which was nothing more than an aspirin tablet,those were the days!
    .......... Neil Page, HALES-OWEN,WEST MIDLANDS., 16th of July 2011

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