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RELIANCE EXPORT DRY CELL (battery), 1930's

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RELIANCE EXPORT DRY CELL (battery), 1930's

Originally designed for local battery telephones, and were installed inside the phone itself. See item A0007.

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  • These batteries were also used 'en masse' with early electrical (battery only) Burglar Alarm systems.

    AFA (Later AFA-Minerva) installed systems that relied on these batteries to power their external bells, as well as provide voltage for each circuit or "zone".
    The most recent of these panels went out of production around 1975.
    .......... RCB, Sotuh Yorkshire / GB, 20th of February 2019

  • I have one of these marked 'Magnet Tropical Cell' made by GEC. has same diamond styled label. Have not come across the Reliance brand.

    Have enjoyed viewing your website, perhaps can share more info in future. Our Awarua Museum will be celebrating 100 years since the Telefunken Co. built the station as VLA in 1913.
    .......... Arthur Williams, Invercargill New Zealand. (Awarua Radio Communications Museum), 26th of June 2013

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