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Claimed in 1979 as the worlds smallest Radio-telephone.
Operating the band 450-470 Mhz, the units can talk to each other or with the separate styled base station, reception is possible up to a range of two to three miles using an antenna 100 feet above ground.

Nortel Collection

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  • I worked in the Pye factory in Cambridge when these were being produced by Pye Telecom at their Newmarket Road Ditton Works factory.
    .......... Peter Brown, Ely Cambridgeshire, 26th of August 2020

  • In addition to my earlier comments, this radio was sold also under ITT and PYE brands. It the last months before ITT/STC closed the product line down they agreed to Pye to market it under their own brand. Only few hudred were sold in this way. Also this is part of a family of products including the Starphone M5/FM10/AM7 mobiles (UHF, VHF-FM and VHF-AM) and the FM25 VHF basestation and AM30 AM version. The UHF base station was an M% built into a 19" shelf
    .......... John Earley, Southampton, 26th of July 2015

  • Used to work for ITT main dealer in the UK, repaired 100's of these. It was the very first professional two-way radio I handled back in 1976. Brilliant radio used extensively by the ports of London, Southampton and Liverpool and revolutionised their operational efficiency. Before this radio other similar products were bulky and inconvenient. The range was quite limited, typically 1/2 mile in built up area and 1 mile in open country, rarely more due to its very low TX power.
    .......... John Earley, Southampton, 26th of July 2015

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