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The STC Radio pager weighs 60grams can be clipped on a belt and has four tone patterns that are activated by dialling the correct number by the caller, this way a person can be contacted wherever they are, and also know, by the tone what type the call might be.
Operating in the 150 Mhz and using FSK (Frequency shift keying) modulation with a digital data rate of 512 bits per second.

Nortel Collection

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  • This item is notable in that it contains the world's first radio on a silicon chip -- the forerunner of all that subsequently have been used in mobile phones of today. It uses the "Zero-IF" technique a first use of this since pre-war times. It was designed at the STL Laboratories Harlow a major centre of telecommunications research and was produced at STC's Monkstown factory in Northern Ireland
    .......... Ian Vance (designer of the product), Newport, Essex, UK, 13th of March 2012

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