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During the fist 40 years of motoring cars would be difficult to start on cold frosty mornings, one solution was to leave a small heater under the engine overnight, just enough to keep the frost away. This is the solution 'The Nobby Under Car Heater' with a fine mesh to prevent fire, the car would usually start eventually.

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  • The point was not starting but frost protection. Most garages were unheated and in winter the engine could freeze and crack the block. These lamps went under the engine to stop coolant water freezing. (No domestic antifreeze in those days). They were made on the principle of the miners' safety lamp, the gauze preventing ignition of flammable vapours.

    They would burn usually for at least 24 hours on a filling of paraffin. I find one useful in the back garden now in a hard frost, under an old perforated bucket, with water dish on top for the poor birds. Works very well.
    .......... Anthony Bullock, nr. Gloucester, 5th of September 2011

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