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BUSH DAC90A, 1950

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BUSH DAC90A, 1950

In Feb 1950 the DAC90A Cost 12. 1s 8d purchase tax extra. It replaced the DAC90.
This was one of the most popular sets ever made, and is still in use today.
They are often seen at fairs, the Bakelite polishes up beautifully.

Donated by Ernest Richards

Your comments:

  • These popular British radios are quite attractive and still very common. They are reasonably easy to restore providing you have some basic training and understand the dangers of a live chassis. Sadly the valves are getting expensive and prices of restored radios have not kept place with the work involved. They are a labour of love!
    .......... Toby West, South America, 2nd of December 2015

  • I had two DAC90A in the mid seventies
    Both in working order,but my mum considered them as "clutter"
    and threw them away
    .......... Stephen Davies, St Leonards on sea, 24th of August 2014

  • This is a highly collectable radio but will almost always need the capacitors changed as they will invariably leak. They are small and neat and will look good in any setting. Medium and long wave only.

    The chassis is ground so if the original plug is inserted the wrong way round the metal parts of the radio will be live!
    .......... Dave Church, Romford, Essex, 19th of February 2014

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