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The 8800x, 8900x & 888 were the new generation of the brick phones as they were slimmer than the previous 8000 and 8500 series models. They were just as high and wide, but a whole 2cm less deep! The 8800x and 8900x were made from 1990 to 1994 and were designed for the UK market. In the US they were branded as Classic and Ultra Classic. Some have an LED (Light Emitting Diode) display and some have a modern LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display that we still use today. Some had a large LED display and some early ones had the smaller rarer LED display. The ones with the small LED's are the most collectible. All these phones are analogue.

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  • I remembered vividly when this phone was released in Malaysia. It's a great pride to own one then. Not anyone can own a mobile phone back then - not cheap to own one. Owner usually carried this phone in their hand because it is way too big to fit into the pants pockets.
    Can show-off at the same time. It cost something like RM6K+ (USD2,600 exchange rate then).
    These phones were mostly discarded when the newer & smaller models came into the market. So, there is hardly any of these brick phones left.
    I was on vacation to China two months' back and saw 2 brick phones collecting dust at a flea market. I managed to buy both the phones (Motorola 8800X & 888). Markings showed that they were made in the UK. One even have the original battery + leather casing + antenna. The other (888) is also in pretty good condition. We won't be able to use these phones now as they are analogue. Nevertheless, it's something worth keeping for remembrance of phone technologies back then.
    .......... T YONG HWE, PETALING JAYA, SELANGOR, MALAYSIA, 8th of July 2011

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