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The Worlds first hand-held mobile phone was demonstrated by Martin Cooper of Motorola in New York City on 3 April 1973, using a handset weighing 2 kilograms (4.4 lbs), and named the Dyna Tac. However launching it as a viable commercial enterprise had to wait until sufficient Cellular send and receive masts had been installed.
The world's first commercially available mobile phone was the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000x. It went on sale in 1983 in the US at the staggering price of $3995, and despite the price tag, was an instant success and had waiting lists of up to six months! It went on sale in the UK on 1st January 1985 and the very first phone call was made by Ernie Wise! It was followed in the UK in 1986 by the 8000s & in 1988 by the 8500x and in the US in 1990 by the 8000m. These phones are all analogue.

Dyna Tac Stands for Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage.

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  • The first UK mobile call was actually made by
    Michael Harrison, the son of Vodafone chairman Sir Ernest Harrison:

    Harrison secretly left his family's New Year's Eve 1985 party at their home in Surrey to surprise his father, calling him from London's Parliament Square on the newly-launched Vodafone network.

    He made the call from the 11lb (5kg) Transportable Vodafone VT1, which boasted around 30 minutes of talk time.

    As Sir Ernest answered the phone, his son said: 'Hi Dad, It's Mike, this is the first-ever call made on a UK commercial mobile network.'

    Days later, a crowd gathered at St Katherine's Dock in London to watch comedian Ernie Wise make the first public mobile phone call. Wise took the same device used by Mr Harrison to the event in a 19th century mail coach to highlight the convenience of the new mobile phone.

    Wise's call was received at the original Vodafone headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire, where a handful of employees were based in an office above an Indian restaurant.
    .......... Roger, Cheshire, England, 1st of April 2017

  • I remember making 2 calls for just several minutes on one of
    these and getting a bill for £40 which was a lot then
    never used it again
    .......... nomic, london, 18th of November 2011

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