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Arch D Young Magneto Medical Coil 1900's

Magneto type Medical coil with accessories. Hand operated with instructions in the lid Electromagnetic Therapy
The Davis & Kidder Magneto-Electric machine is one of the most popular quack devices that one will come across at an antique show or auction. Two rotating magnates that are in proximity cause the production of a current that can be transferred to the "patient" through wires and metal handles. These machines were advertised to cure various nervous disorders and provided the user with a buzzing sensation that seemed to be effective.

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  • Packard Pioneer Museum, New Zealand, has perhaps the earlier unimproved model. The workings are reversed in the case, winding handle on the left looking at the box. There is no lock, only a catch.
    .......... Dave Nevin, Whangarei, New Zealand., 24th of February 2016

  • this machine was introduced in the 1860s as a way to treat many illness. back then, the applicant of electricity to medicine was poorly studied and these machine were nothing more than fraud made by pharmacist and doctor to promote their business. the machine used faraday's law to generate electricty through coil and magnet. today,electricity is still use in medicine and this piece of technology is proof to the development of medical technology
    .......... nguyen dang quang, vietnam , 23rd of June 2015

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