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Large valve type Oscilloscope used in service Laboratory's throughout the world Usually mounted on a steel trolley

Donated by Mrs Banham

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  • I was in a calibration lab in the U.S. Navy in the 1970's and we still had these. I had one come in with a dim CRT. Rather than replace the CRT, I was able to change a bias resistor and extend its useful life.
    .......... John Vilburn, Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA, 15th of May 2016

  • I had one of these for amateur use, didn't need to switch the heating on, had about 40 valves in it.

    I still have a valve 'scope, it never fails to switch on. Excellent tools.
    .......... Andrew B, Bradford, 19th of January 2016

  • These scopes were the standard of the electronics industry in the late 1950s and early 1960s. I still own one that works quite well. The truly innovative feature that this series of instruments provided was the removable "plug-in" that would allow different kinds of measurements to be made.
    .......... Warren Frank, Cedar Rapids, Iowa United States, 7th of January 2014

  • Early in my working career I was employed as a Radio Officer working at RAF Henlow in Bedfordshire. I worked for 2 years within the Civilan manned Team B Calibration Area. This Oscilloscope a Tektronix 545B was one of the many older and more cumbersome Scopes still in use with RAF (MoD Air) that we were tasked to recalibrate. The plug in Y units were calibrated separately in a Standard Frame Unit prior to refit into the 545B's Main casing and progressing final set up. I remember in particular the weight of the unit lugging it up onto my bench for power up & test !
    .......... Hugh Brazier , Hitchin, Hertfordshire, 25th of November 2010

  • I have one of these in the basement, though mine looks to be wider, it is basically square profile. I got it from the USGS warehouse dumpster in Long Island. It worked last time I plugged it in 20 years ago, now I think I will make a coffee table out of it.
    .......... johnny, NJ, 11th of October 2010

  • Back in the 1970's I worked for Knowles Electronics in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK. I was a Lab Technician then, repairing the test equipment. We had about 60 of these Oscilloscopes, but a few different models. I had to repair them as part of my job. When the FET's arrived on the scene, I tried one to replace the triode valves, which were in the removable modules. The valves were becoming very expensive. So I purchased a valve base plug, B9AE I think it was, and soldered the FET to the Cathode, Anode and Grid pins. It worked like a dream. This saved the company loads of money, and also save the life of many of these 'scopes. It was a fantastic job.
    .......... Dennis Snuggs, Washington, West Sussex, UK., 22nd of April 2010

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