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Standard Issue GPO engineers tool bag of the period.

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  • I joined the GPO in 1964 as a "Trainee Technician (Apprentice)", but was always called a Youth In Training. We didn't have electric drills in those days; we used a "Bits Jumper" (a small round chisel) and hammer to make holes in walls for cables. I still have bruised thumbs.
    .......... Sid Singfield, Rainford, Merseyside, 30th of October 2013

  • I joined the GPO as an apprentice in London West area in 1969 and was issued with the leather doctors bag which contained several basic tools including a pin hammer and cabinet screwdriver. As no one ever asked for it back I still have it and use it for spanners etc in the boot of my car.
    .......... Martyn Davies, Worthing West Sussex England, 20th of August 2012

  • I joined the GPO as a "Youth" in London Centre Area,in '67 I think, and was issued with one of these. Bags Leather 19" I think. I still have it, and occasionally use it when going out to do small jobs.
    .......... Ian Izett, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom, 2nd of December 2011

  • When I first joined the GPO in 1963 as a Subscribers Apparatus Installation Fitter I was issued with such a tool bag along with a set of hand tools. In those days the GPO did not have many vans, so we carried our tools, plus roll of telephone cable,cable clips, earth wire and paper work in the tool bag. We travelled by bus and were known as ''Walking Fitters'' which was ok in a City but could be a real pain if out in the sticks
    .......... Mike Fawdrey, Cannock, 24th of February 2011

  • As an apprentice with the GPO in 1963 I had a small wooden tool box at first but was soon issued with a leather tool bag - almost felt like a doctor! I was sorry to see it returned to stores when I got a large metal tool box on qualifying as an exchange maintenance technical officer.
    .......... Keith Williams, Hemel Hempstead, UK, 25th of August 2010

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