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Van Neck Press camera originally from the 1940's with Kodak wooden Dark slide unit containing room for two 9 X12cm (4.25X5.25 inch) glass plates. The camera has a 6'' (roughly 152mm) Ross Xpress lens f/4.5 uncoated in a lever-operated helical focusing mount, which is scaled from 2 to infinity in yards, the roller blind focal plane shutter has speeds from 1/10 to 1/1000 sec, plus a flash sync setting. On the top is a bracket for a folding reflector flash unit using a small flash bulb, and the connection is via two contact strips next to the flash bracket. These were hand made cameras heavy and durable, necessary for professional press photographers who carried no gadgets to help them with the shot distance and exposure, which were decided by experience. Even when a roll film attachment was provided for this camera the press photographer would still prefer the glass plates, as his darkroom was set up for these. On the back interchangeable with the slide unit, is mounted a screen and hood assembly used for focusing if necessary.

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