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KODAK 'BROWNIE 127', 1950's

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KODAK 'BROWNIE 127', 1950's

This was another example of the 'Brownie' series, it is made of Bakelite and was very easy to use.

Millions were sold between 1952 and 1967, the one shown was donated to the museum by its curator Rosie Hourihane, and was given to her by her father in 1955.

It has been well used and is still much loved.

Your comments:

  • I was presented with one of these in 1960 on my 8th birthday. I used it all through school and beyond. I still have hundreds of negs and prints from it - you got 8 on a roll. In 1982, friends on holiday befriended an old chap at the seaside. He wanted to take of photo of them to remind him of their kindness. He had one of these but the lens had fallen out and he had managed to put it back, albeit partly smearing it with glue!
    I showed John my old Brownie, still with case.He confirmed that it was identical to the old chaps. I suggested that we make up a parcel to the old chap with camera, films, pipe baccy, sweets etc. A week later I was called to their house and shown the letter he had sent in gratitude. I am so very proud that my old companion of so many school trips has gone to help this grand old chap.
    .......... David Murray, Staveley, Derbyshire, UK, 21st of October 2011

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