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This Magic Lantern has an electric lamp mounted inside that looks original, although it is possible it may have been converted by a professional from an earlier oil lamp. The Magic Lantern or Lanterna Magica was the ancestor of the modern slide projector.
The museum is able to demonstrate one of their Magic Lanterns and is always a great hit with school visits, the children can also handle some of the glass slides.

Your comments:

  • When I was 8 I was given a few glass slides. I built a lantern from wood and two magnifying glasses. I guess that I must have seen a picture of a lantern. I am not that clever.

    Seeing this just brought back the memory of that time. Things kids do eh! I lived in the UK at the time
    .......... Graham Nichols, Redlynch, Cairns Australia, 6th of August 2013

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