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POLAROID , 1970's

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POLAROID , 1970's

There were a variety of models beginning in 1972 with the original SX-70, though all shared the same basic design. The first model, sold in Florida in late 1972, had a plain focusing screen (the user was expected to be able to see the difference between in- and out-of focus) because Dr. Land wanted to encourage photographers to think they were looking at the subject, rather than through a viewfinder. When many users complained that focusing was difficult, especially in dim light, Dr. Land was forced to include a split-image range finder prism of the kind used on 35mm SLR focusing screens. This feature is standard on the SX-70 Model 2.

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  • The first Land Polaroid I saw was as an apprentice with the BSA Group Research Centre in 1965/66. It was used for metallographic photographs, and we could never understand how it knew which colour-base to use. (Colour was relatively new, and our photo expert never knew whether any particular photograph - of
    polished, etched, steel at high magnification) - should have a red, blue, or yellow base). In a landscape picture grass is green and sky is blue. No such clues exist in the world of micrographia, but the Polaroid seemed to get it right straight off.
    .......... Keith Nurcombe, Rugby, England, 5th of March 2011

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