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In Britain, 9.5 mm film, projectors and cameras were distributed by Pathescope Ltd. During the years leading up to the Second World War, and for some years after the war, the gauge was used by enthusiasts who wanted to make home movies and to show commercially made films at home. Pathescope produced a large number of home versions of significant films, including Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop cartoons, classic features such as Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail, and comedies by such well-known stars as Laurel and Hardy and Harold Lloyd

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  • I have an identical one although the name plate is labelled '9/5'. They are also known as Pathe 'H', and were produced as a straight 240VAC version and a 110VAC version with a mains dropper box. One of the better Pathe products and built to last a lifetime. However beware the old wiring; this can perish and leave them dangerous. It's best now to connect an earth wire to the chassis just in case.
    .......... Mike Goodall, Cambridgeshire, UK, 11th of November 2010

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