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Night Watchmen had to carry this clock to prove they had carried out their tour correctly and at the correct times.

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  • I remember doing a spell in security and we had these things, there was a map on the lodge wall showing the point numbers and their locations, you had to visit them in order, 1,3,4 etc. I thought it was a stupid idea, anyone watching knew the route and how long it took to get say from point 1 to point 10, so how long they had before the guard returned. despite these we still had break in's. I used to vary my route, start at 1 then to 4 then to 8 etc and vary the route each patrol. I got called in to explian why I wasn't patrolling "properly", I said my way was better, I was right too, break-in's fell by over 90% they never knew where or when I'd pop up.
    .......... phil Davies, Newton le Willows merseyside, 30th of November 2018

  • I remember using these clocks as late as the 1980's on various security jobs I worked on, there were 'key's'" which were hung at various points on a security route and you had to use the key which printed it's own unique number along with the time printed on a paper tape inside the clock, various ways of getting around it by unscrupulous guards included breaking the paper tape which was possible on the exact model we used, and then there was the guard who went out on his first tour with a screwdriver each night, recovered the keys, and sat turning each one at suitable times in the security office, returning the keys to their proper locations before morning on the last tour of the night :0)
    .......... Andrew Taylor, Aylsham, Norwich, Norfolk, 6th of January 2013

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