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Beehive bulbs were used as night lights for children as well as for illuminating dark areas. Drawing a very small amount of power, as the illumination comes by excited the internal Neon gas from a high voltage, such as mains electricity. When used with Alternating current both elements (both coil and flat plate) will glow alternately, with Direct current only one element will glow depending on the polarity.

One is operating in the museum.

Your comments:

  • I had a beehive bulb as a night light in the early 1950’s. It is still working today.
    I remember being a bit nervous of it as it shimmered in a very ghostly fashion !
    I was fascinated to discover the museum’s website and that you have a working beehive bulb too.
    .......... Anne Orman, Southampton, uk, 30th of July 2023

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