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Spot Galvanometer with a 450 ohm movement made by Cambridge Instruments. In working order.

Donated by L.G.Bray

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  • One routine use this instrument was with the Hilger 'Spekker' spectrometer that the museum owns. It was used to indicate 'null' point before taking reading from drum.
    .......... Joseph Mitchell, South Lanarkshire., 19th of February 2023

  • As a student in the 1950s I spent a period working in the Test Room of Cambridge Instruments, Sydney Road, London. We used these spot galvanometers as the null detectors on bridges (Wheatstone And Carey-Foster I believe). They were both sensitive and quite robust. Normally they were placed on some form of anti-vibration base. If the bridge was well out of balance, the spot would stick at one end. A tap on the case was then needed to release it.
    .......... Adrian Morant, Edgware, Middx. England, 23rd of December 2013

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