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The electric kettle was a uniquely British product, owing its existence and development to the British habit of tea-drinking. An electric kettle was first made by Crompton and Co. in 1891 and all the earliest examples had the element in a separate dry chamber under the water, maintaining the 'fire under the water' layout of traditional boiling vessels. The separation of water from the element made the kettle inefficient and expensive to run.

The electric kettle was, with a few exceptions, a strictly functional object and seldom seen outside the kitchen, being regarded as a supplementary appliance to the electric cooker.

This electric kettle was made by Launders Fray & Clark of USA.

Bruce Hammond Collection

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  • I have this kettle, I actually thought it was silver plated because it is so lovely and in perfect condition, I have it sitting in my fire place with a silver teapot, however I do not have the electrical connection.
    .......... lynda nixon, carlisle cumbria uk, 1st of November 2011

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