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Polarity reversing key known as a "Commutator Key".
Used with Double plate sounder item A0227 and Wheatstone needle item A0228.

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  • In 1955 I was a trainee Telegraph clerk at Burton on Trent railway station, I remember I had to write a great deal of telegrams from the Local Breweryson the phone and then transmit them to Birmingham , Peterborough and Derby , This system was known as double key sounders.. The right key was a Dash and the left one was a Dot.. I am a radio amateur now and only operate CW or Morse code for communications.. The Telegraph office job taught me a great deal which I have not forgotten, I am now 73 yrs old .. Geoffrey Powell 23 / 2 / 2014
    .......... geoffrey powell, Tamworth Staffordshire , 23rd of February 2014

  • This is a Highton double-current key, the design of which dates from the early 1850s. It was used as the transmitter in Highton's own single-needle telegraph and Bright's bell sounder.
    .......... S Roberts, London, England, 14th of January 2011

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