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Morse sending and receiving station. On the side of the unit (out of view) is a standard P.O jack No8 for Telephone plug No406, possibly for a headset, or even a telephone line.
May have been used by the Military although not marked as such.

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  • I have a Canadian military marked Vibrator Telegraph made in 1913 and includes the brass cover for the vibrator portion of the unit.

    Photos and a description from a 1915 British/Canadian Signalling manual can be found here: www.rcsigs.ca/index.php/Vibrator_Telegraph
    .......... Joe, Ottawa, Canada, 12th of April 2016

  • This is a Military base board set, named "Vibrator Telegraph" Mk 1 it was used with a "C" Mk 11 handset.
    In use during WW1.

    It is a key and Vibrator,Buzzer not a Sounder....

    Two models of this existed, the other being Transmitter Vibrating Mark 1V.

    This once would have had a brass cover, that fitted over the Vibrator.

    .......... Jonathan Paynter, Auckland new Zealand, 13th of October 2011

  • I have one of these keys, identical to the one shown here. It has a War Department broad arrow stamped on the top of the key. One assumes therefore that some of these were used by the military.

    The two vacant holes in the front of your unit, are in fact for the adjustment tools supplied with the key.(Missing on your unit). These were used to lock off the key and buzzer adjustment screws.The tools are brass-headed milled head screws, with a blued steel conical shaft, to fit the locking screws on the key.
    .......... David Stone, Shrewsbury, U.K., 1st of March 2010

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