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The name 'speed' is loosely used and in fact this style of key is not a 'speed' Key . It was common for manufacturers to abuse the name which refers to a totally different type of key. This item made in Japan.
See item A0250. and A0724.

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  • I bought this key back in the late 1980's to learn Morse code on. When properly adjusted it is a perfectly fine straight key. I think I paid all of $20.00 for it.

    The brass and steel look nice when polished. It should be mounted on a platform of some sort, otherwise the whole thing flips over when you depress the knob,

    The ball bearings do not add anything to the functionality or speed. But they look really high tech, for marketing purposes.
    .......... Dino Dimas, Seymour, CT USA, 2nd of March 2014

  • Japanese copy of J.38 US key and sold through Tandy shops here in Belgium maybe also elsewhere.This is not a speed-key,more a toy key.
    .......... Theo Blaivie, Antwerp / Belgium, 9th of July 2010

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