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Throat microphones are usually worn in noisy environments such as aircraft, and although slightly distorted, can still be intelligible.

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  • I remember visiting RME surplus store in Stockwell Street in Glasgow in 1957 where they had a whole shelf load of T-30 microphones brand new and in original boxes. Finding now that the individual carbon granules in the T-30 pick-up elements have gone high resistance.
    .......... Tom Kennedy, Kilmarnock Scotland, 18th of September 2012

  • As a teenager in the 1950's I bought a couple of these in a real "ex gov" place. They were put to use as guitar pick-ups for a skiffle band comprised of school friends. The amp was an old modified radio. The type with a fretwork cut-out of sun and rays in front of the loudspeaker. Can't imagine now what it must have sounded like !
    .......... Roger Jelbert, Penzance UK, 20th of November 2011

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