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HEADSET No10 FOR WS19, 1950's

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HEADSET No10 FOR WS19, 1950's

One type of Headset and microphone used for the Wireless Set No19. Item A0088 and A0871, and WS62 Item A1405.

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  • I well recall using this headset with both 19 and 62 radio sets, Jeep or Morris FFW mounted, whilst serving with 12 and 55 Sqns RE in Korea and 11 Ind in Malaya during 1954/6. During this period the phonetic alphabet was changed from the able/baker version to the alpha/bravo.
    .......... Colin Bowles (Formerly Sapper 22952096), Luton, Bedfordshire, UK, 6th of April 2016

  • My mother-in-law has just told me that she worked for Brown's in Park Royal during ww2 making the coils which went in the headphones! She worked there 1944 for 18 months.
    .......... Etain Ferdenzi, welwyn Garden City, 30th of August 2015

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