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No4 Mk2 BAYONET DESERT , 1940's

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No4 Mk2 BAYONET DESERT , 1940's

No4 Mk2 Spike Bayonet in cylindrical scabbard with square end and painted in desert colours. Marked N 67 for Singer Manufacturing Co.

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  • I purchased an almost identical bayonet (complete with desert camouflage) at an antique shop in Germany in 1977. The proprietor of the shop told me at the time that it was "Afrika Korps".....his reasoning being that it was painted in the same colour as Korps equipment. I believed his story then, being a green second lieutenant in the US Army and not being familiar with Lee Enfield bayonets. After seeing the image on your website, I now theorize that it was captured and brought back as a war trophy by a German soldier. How else would a British bayonet end up in Germany?
    .......... Frederick Martin, Rockwall, Texas, USA, 1st of June 2013

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