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Having Problems Donating

If you are from outside the UK and are having problems donating via CAF then the most likely problem is that you cannot enter your address as the website apparently requires a UK Postcode. To donate from abroad we have been given this advice:

Making a donation via our www.cafdonate.cafonline.org website from outside the United Kingdom

This should be possible; once you arrive at the screen that asks for your address details you should see one orange button "Find UK address" and a link below "enter address manually".

Please click the "enter address manually" link, then change the drop down from United Kingdom, to your country. You will then see that the postcode is no longer mandatory and you can free type your address.

You should now be able to continue with your donation

The Charities Aid Foundation is a recognised UK charity which helps charities like ourselves. They collect and process online donations; they also handle Gift Aid which is a way that the UK Government gives the charity the tax that the UK income tax payer has paid on the donation. This increases the amount you give by 28% at no expense to yourself.

If you have other problems donating please contact us

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