Welcome to the Museum of Technology, The History of Gadgets and Gizmos

The Museum spans that very small period in history from 1850 - 1980 in which the technological revolution took place.The collection traces the progress of electronic and engineered artefacts including telegraphy, telephony, audio, military and civil communications, warfare, photography, scientific and electrical domestic equipment.

Please see here to find out about visiting days and times to our fully wheelchair accessible museum, or call us on 01945 700772. For the latest news about our museum read our Facebook Page .

The Museum is open on Thursday Friday & Saturday 10am to 4pm until September the 7th. We also open at other times for group visits of ten or more, please ring for an appointment. Sorry we do not have card facilities. Cash only.

From Blueprint to First Visitors

We are proud to announce that the Museum is now open to the public after redevelopment.

The museum flourished in Hemel Hempstead for over ten years, but as the collection grew we knew we would have to find larger premises, these were hard to come by, so the decision was made to build a place which we could fit the collection into.

We moved the collection from Hemel Hempstead in 2012 and work on the new building started shortly after.

Now four years later each technology can be displayed in its own area, the result is stunning.

Do not take our word for it, come and visit us and see for yourselves how technology has changed the way we live between 1830 and 1980.

We offer something to amaze all age groups and I am sure you will leave with the immortal words WOW on your lips.

More News....

Community Room

Thanks to a grant from the Wryde Croft Wind Farm Community Fund the Museum of Technology has been able to fully furnish a Community Room, (this is situated within the museum).

We can now offer its use to local groups including Reminiscence Sessions for Care Homes and Dementia Groups.

The charge for use of the Community Room is £5.00 per person to include tea/coffee and biscuits.

Groups of up to 10 people are invited to use the resources on offer, these include a projector for showing slide shows, videos or items from the collection in great detail.

For any information regarding the use of the Community Room or the Reminiscence Sessions please Contact Rosie or phone 01945 700772.

Reminiscence Sessions

The museum has several boxes containing objects that can be used as memory prompts. Our boxes contain a collection of replica and genuine artefacts, documents and pictures; everything is designed for respectful handling.

Reminiscence therapy is a powerful way of helping empower people with dementia by accessing long-term memories. It can bring pleasure, stimulation and meaning, and has the potential to lift depression and improve communication. These sessions are led by a qualified team of volunteers. More...

Gadgets and Gizmos

Our museum offers you a chance to step back in time. Remember "A & B" Public Telephones, Batteries you had to fill up, Crystal Sets, Gas Masks, Morse Keys, Frame Aerials? Then you will want to see our collection of early technology.

As well as all that our collection of war memorabilia has artefacts from the Somme and a range of items from the Second World War.

Our museum is an Independent, not for profit, registered charity funded and managed entirely by volunteers. If you have enjoyed visiting our web site, a donation, however small, will help us continue our mission, to rescue, preserve and display early technology for the education and enjoyment of all - thank you. Donate...

Assistance Required

The museum has undertaken the development of a digital assistant to enhance the visitor experience through audio commentary and focused exhibit information. Our proposed solution allows visitors to connect to a local server using their own mobile phone; the system is entirely separate from the internet or mobile phone network. A working prototype has been successfully demonstrated and forms the platform for any future production version.

All work to date has been done in-house but to bring about a useable service the museum would benefit from external collaborators: Skill set required are mobile responsive page design, captive portal, and DNS.

If anyone is interested in contributing to this project then please contact us via the Contact Us Page.

Please Note: this is a request for Voluntary Assistance

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